Secure Collaboration in an Unsecure World

Rapidly mobilize the enterprise for decisive action during a security event.

Secure and Optimize Your Response to Incidents

With the Conuity Incident Response platform, you can safeguard your business workflows within protected collaboration workrooms. Our platform offers:

  • Tight integration with industry-leading NG SOC platform playbooks
  • Fully configurable, easy-to-use interface
  • Automated archiving
  • Recording, archiver, and compliance exporting for evidence preservation and non-repudiation
  • Usage logging, keyword flagging, controlled replay
  • Permission-based membership with granular policy enforcement and rules-based user ejection
  • Ethical walls and secret workrooms
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Highly-customizable external data feed engine, e.g., news and social media

A Failsafe Approach to Collaboration When Every Minute – and Every Decision – Count

Your Leadership Team controls who sees what, when, and why in secure virtual rooms that keep all authorized participants 100% informed during an event or business workflow. Decision-making is faster, smarter, auditable, and compliant. The brand is protected.


Conuity Incident Response Platform

The Conuity Advantage

Prevents leakage of information to unintended parties via general communication channels. Maintains permanent archive of messages, participants, and other activity for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Utilizes history of past incidents to refine future response processes.

Imagine a Cyber Attack…


The peace-of-mind you and your teams deserve.