Conuity Incident Response Platform

A secure, controlled collaboration platform enabling business leaders to swiftly respond to security incidents and manage critical workflows.

Secure. Coordinated. Compliant.

Conuity Incident Response is a workflow-centric human orchestration platform for senior leadership and cross-functional teams. Conuity's secure virtual collaboration environment enables leadership to mobilize and respond rapidly to cyber and other highly-sensitive incidents. Executives can share information, manage critical workflows, and respond as one within a protected collaboration environment.

A New Level of Secure Collaboration – Available Only from Conuity

Not all security incidents are created equal. Some require more secure and timely responses than others. Unfortunately, for events that require extended team collaboration beyond  the security group, conventional methods of communicating – emails, voicemails, text messages, and other unsecure tools – could leave your information exposed and vulnerable.

Welcome to the Conuity Incident Response Platform

Why Conuity – Why Now

The impact of modern cyber incidents requires a very different, coordinated response than in the past.  Organizations need to rethink how information is gathered, analyzed, and shared, and there must be a solid plan in place to adhere to new compliance mandates regarding third-party notifications. Conuity Incident Response enables the business to coordinate a time-critical, template- and workflow-driven response to internal and external stakeholders, partners, customers, law enforcement, and regulatory bodies. Our friendly interface – featuring industry-specific templates with tight integration to SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) tools – controls access to information based on need-to-know while providing an auditable record of all activities to satisfy legal and regulatory demands.