The New Breed In Secure Enterprise-Class Collaboration

New opportunities to improve security, drive growth, and create competitive advantage

Conuity is a new breed of enterprise collaboration platform that promises to transform how business collaborates in “the extended enterprise” – both internally and externally with staff, customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Core characteristics of this new platform include digitization and control – the ability to digitally collaborate with automatic controls in place to assure legal, regulatory, and policy compliance. As an innovator in this space, Conuity believes these new collaboration features hold significant promise for enterprises where security and risk management are paramount.

With Conuity’s integrated collaboration and chat solution, you can:

Conuity Incident Response​: From the Security Operations Center (SOC) to the C-Suite

Conuity Incident Response (IR) is a secure collaboration platform designed to help organizations – both governmental and commercial – orchestrate their incident response processes in the event of a cyber attack or other security-related incidents. Conuity IR integrates seamlessly with today's advanced IR environments, adding a secure collaboration capability to help ensure that all designated participants from the SOC to the CEO are in sync.

For example, let's say a phishing attack introducing advanced malware breaches an organization, potentially exposing sensitive data. Working within the organization's incident response environment, Conuity IR can instantly notify the executive team of the incident and enable a coordinated, consensus-driven, authoritative response. Conuity's secure "virtual rooms" bring together the relevant executives and experts from IT, Legal, Human Resources, Risk Management, and other departments to assess the implications of the incident, make decisions based on known information of the event, and act quickly to address risks to customers, staff, and operations. Conuity provides a familiar, easy-to-use messaging interface which controls access to information based on need to know and provides an auditable record of all activities to satisfy legal and regulatory demands.

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